Shivworks Black Swan

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BLACK SWAN 6 Day Course
ShivWorks Black Swan Course
Origins and Description:
The black swan theory is metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise,
has a major effect, and is often inappropriately rationalized after the fact with the benefit
The ShivWorks Black Swan Course is focused on developing safety, strategy, and
tactics for a lone individual moving through or occupying an ambiguously hostile area. It
is an immersive and experiential 60 hour course of instruction that focuses on four
problem areas:
 Recognizing criminal assaults before they occur and developing a strategy
template for awareness, avoidance, and de-selection from the event. A novel
approach combining elements of proxemics and social engineering will be
presented to deal with common criminal encroachment.
 Managing clinch range and ground assaults against an armed attacker with
empty hands, edged weapons, and handguns.
 Solo structure movement problems involving hostile adversaries and benign
occupants. Evacuation from, and occupation of denied space is the focus of this
module. This will be thoroughly validated with marking cartridges.
 Vehicle interior problems including deploying handguns and edged weapons
against an adversary and defending oneself from the same.

Black Swan is by arrangement only for specific client groups or individuals on a case by
case basis.

Topics covered:

 Adapting the concealed carry presentation for entanglement
 The thumb pectoral index
 Appropriate extension/compression
 Off-hand fending positions
 Close proximity/confined space shooting
 Standing Grapple in the Weapons Based Environment
 Day one Final evolution

-Complete cost of course – varies

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