Shivworks does not sell any products on Ebay, and many knives sold on ebay are knock offs and substandard quality. Buyer beware.

Shivworks Products Group was selling products on Amazon in the past, but we decided to no longer utilize the Amazon platform.  We try to  support Pro 2A companies.  Please notify us if you see knock off knives being sold on Ebay, Amazon or other sources.

Visit our affiliate page to see if they are authorized dealers since we have a very limited dealer network.

For LE and Military sales contact us for urgent and large volume orders on our contact page or email us at support@shivworkspg.com

For LE and Military discounts contact us with credentials at support@shivworkspg.com

If you are ordering and deployed overseas, the order may be declined due to our fraud prevent filters.  Please contact us so we can facilitate with your order.

The Clinch Pick is not designed to fit the trainer. If you force the trainer into a live blade sheath you will split the seam and the tip of the live blade will be exposed. 

There are 3 types of sheathes available for the Clinch Pick. The standard sheath that comes with the Clinch Pick. An optional increased retention sheath. And the OMNI sheath. The OMNI sheath is the only one able to fit both the live blade with out adjustment. 

Shivworks started in the early 1990’s to promote Craig Douglas fighting methodologies. And all of our knives were hand made in the US by custom knife makers. These high end knives were in the high $200 to $300 dollar range back then. Some of the issues we had with the custom knife makers was that we could not get the delivery of the knives on a consistent basis. And even a few times, paid for product and it was never delivered. Craig wanted to produce an affordable knife around $100.00 since many of our customers are LE and military personal. And would not worry too much if their $300 knife ended up in an evidence bag, if the knife was lost in the field. So we started making the blades overseas and was able to significantly reduce the price of the knives and get the volume we needed. But with this, the quality was not like our custom blades. Most of our customers were extremely happy to get a less expensive knife all the time and was willing to deal with the issues of the blades not always being razor sharp, and the sheaths a bit larger and not as refined. When the knives come to the US, we assemble the belt loop and inspect each blade. Hence it is common to see the black lines on the blade from the sheath and during the inspection process done here in the US.  Also check our our About page.

The Ban Tang custom Clinch Pick is a handmade custom knife and sheath, made in the US. Hand finished with a razor sharp edge. This knife is for the buyer who wants the absolute best and not worried about the cost. Our standard Clinch Pick is made in China with good quality at a very good price point. It does not come with a razor sharp edge from the factory, but with a little sharpening and patience you can get it sharp. The sheaths are not as refined as the custom sheath and may leave some black marks on the blade from use. The production Clinch Picks is fully functional at an extremely affordable price.

One of our affiliates is Dark Star gear who makes custom US made handmade sheaths.

Sometimes during our quality assurance process we find some knives that do not meet our standard. Some are destroyed, and the others with cosmetic defects maybe sold as bravo units. These knives are great for a back up, or a low cost alternative for those who want functionality and are not worried about cosmetics appearance of their tools.

Soak the blade with a little WD40 or gun oil for a few minutes, then carefully wipe with a rag or nylon brush.  The Clinch Pick BLACK with reduce the amount of black streaking with the PVD coating.

You can use a diamond stone by hand with some patience and a little eye hand coordination.  Or I like to use the Work Sharp Ken Onion edition knife sharpening system.  There are also a lot of other sharpening systems on the market.

If your belt loop becomes loose and flop around on your belt,  then it is time to tighten the screw BEFORE the sheath falls off your belt.  You can also use a thread locker such as Loctite to secure the screw.  But do not overtighten the screw or it will blow through the male portion of the snap head.    The new Wide Belt loop is extra long so users can trim to length with a pair of scissors.  

We have had some customers ask for more retention on the Original bead blast silver El Nino sheaths.  If you have have one, feel free to contact us along with a copy of your invoice and we will swap it out.  support@shivworkspg.com