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Shivworks El Nino same blade as the push dagger but with a reduced handle


Shivworks El Nino Push Dagger

The Shivworks El Nino Push Dagger, similar to the full-size version, the smaller handle reduces the footprint for concealability and comfort. Our El Nino is perfect for small frames or woman wanting to carry a knife. It has been tested and carried by several military units, special forces operators, SWAT, and law enforcement officers. Perfect for an overt or covert situation, professional or EDC. Often referred to as a punch dagger, it requires very little training. Can you punch? Put a blade on the end of that jab.

The blade is made from Sandvik 12C27 steel and uses a reduced-size G10 non-slip handle. The design prevents in-hand rotation even with extreme impact. The ideal neck length is what minimizes self-injury during real-world situations. Our El Nino is designed for performance; it’s not based on a looks cool image.

The overall length of 4 7/8″, and reduced size handle makes the single-edged blade perfect for discreetly carrying on your person with the included Kydex sheath and leather belt loop. The El Nino an excellent design for women’s self-defense, and with a discreet carry clip, it will mount to yoga pants. Don’t wait any longer; order yours today and experience the confidence and security of owning a Shivworks El Nino.


Sandvik 12C27 steel from Sweden.
Textured G10 flat side handle.
Overall length 4 7/8″,
Blade length 2 7/5″, single edge.
Handle length 2.75″
Blade and sheath produced in China
Leather loop produced in the USA
Assembled in the USA.


The limited warranty covers any   defect in material or workmanship which results in breakage during normal use for 1 year warranty   period.
By purchasing any item produced by Shivworks Products Group, LLC (“Shivworks”), the buyer assumes responsibility to ascertain and follow all applicable federal, state, local and international laws in having, owning, carrying, shipping, transporting, and use of any Shivworks’ products. Shivworks products may be sharp, dangerous and even deadly, if used improperly, negligently, and/or illegally and You further agree that you will take such steps as may be reasonably necessary or required by applicable law to keep Shivworks products out of the hands of minors, mentally ill, untrained and/ or immature individuals. The buyer expressly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Shivworks, for all claims resulting directly or indirectly from the purchase, ownership, transportation or use of the item in violation of applicable federal, state and local laws or regulations.  You must be 18 years of age to purchase Shivworks knives. You may have other rights, which vary in different jurisdictions.


3 reviews for Shivworks El Nino

  1. Michiistheway (verified owner)

    Another great and well-thought out design from ShivWorks. Seriously, the El Nino is amazing. The space from the handle to the shoulder of the blade is just right so that it does not flip back onto your hand upon impact, causing damage to yourself. Sandvik 12C27 is not a high end steel, but I don’t think you need a super steel for a self defense specific blade. Edge retention is not important if you aren’t cutting with it regularly. Just sharpen it up (it comes decently sharp but could be sharper) and then don’t use it until it’s needed. Corrosion resistance is important for any metal that will be riding against your corrosive, sweaty skin, and 12C27 is good for that and gets razor sharp easily, all while keeping the cost down. The neck of the blade (the thin metal bar that bridges the blade and the handle and goes between your fingers) could use some filing down as it is squared and sharper than I would like, especially if using the live blade to run full impact drills against solid targets. The thick asymmetrical handle allows for good control. I was afraid the handle would be too short but I wanted increased concealability in the waisband. The handle is perfect. The G10 is thick, nicely textured and well-rounded. The texturing is not so aggressive as to tear up your clothing and skin but provides great retention and is comfortable to use. The full size handle of the Push Dagger would probably be better for control, but the El Nino’s handle works amazingly well while being easier to conceal.

    What is not great is the sheath. The kydex could be 1/4″ taller at the mouth of the sheath, which would allow the kydex to wrap over the top of the shoulder of the blade locking it in. Right now, the push dagger falls out if you turn it upside down with no retention whatsoever, defeating a major advantage of using kydex. I removed the belt clip, tossed it in the oven at 250F for 3 or 4 minutes and pressed down on the mouth of the sheath, making it narrower. It now holds the blade slightly better through friction, but is quickly removing the finish. I don’t like carrying fixed blades vertically in the waist band because it can get uncomfortable when sitting for long periods of time, although this is less of a problem if you’re in better shape than me. I ordered the straps for horizontal carry but the blade just falls out of the sheath in this orientation. I’ve switched over to a static line with the sheath just shoved into my waist band but the fit is so loose that the blade comes out of the sheath, which stays in my waistband, instead of the sheath coming out of the waistband and then the knife pulling free from the tethered sheath. The sheath is a dangerous disappointment.

    Dark Star Gear makes a similar kydex sheath for the Push Dagger, so I will probably have to see if he can make one for the El Nino before I can safely carry it.

    If it came with a better sheath this would easily be a 5 star knife. I’m disappointed that the accompanying sheath is so unserviceable.

    • shivworkspg

      Thanks for your feedback, we had a small batch of loose sheaths, feel free to contact [email protected] and we will send out a replacement sheath.

  2. Michiistheway (verified owner)

    I recently received my El Nino from Shivworks. It’s an excellent design that feels good and stable in the hand. I thought the handle may be too small, but the design works well, is comfortable and makes the push knife easier to conceal while making it more stable in hand due to its asymmetrical textured G10 grip. The steel, Sandvik,12C27, is a good choice as it is very inexpensive but can get razor sharp and is pretty corrosion resistant, a must have quality when it’s riding against bare sweaty skin in your waistband. It came reasonably sharp but will benefit from a few passes on my Spyderco Sharpmaker. The corners of the neck could use some filing down as it is slightly sharp and could cause your hand some damage in a clinch. The blade shape is effective and being only sharpened on one side makes it legal in at least a couple of more states, although less effective for slashing. I do wish they had made this with a slightly shorter blade (less than 2.5″) to make it legal in more areas. My biggest issue is the sheath. My sheath wouldn’t hold the blade in at all and it fell out if you turned it upside down. I heated the sheath in the oven at 250°F for 3 or 4 minutes and attempted to increase retention by pinching the mouth of the sheath tighter. That increased retention slightly but is quickly rubbing the blade’s finish off and is not secure enough to protect it from falling out in a grapple and injuring you. The problem is that the top of the sheath is not tall enough to wrap around the shoulder of the blade to lock it in. I will mess with the sheath more to try to make it work but may have to have Dark Star Gear make one for the El Nino. They already make one for the ShivWorks Push Dagger. Overall, an excellent design that needs a few tweaks.

  3. Paul Tretter

    Excellent !!! Right size handle to for your fist.

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