Red Beard Combatives / Shivworks Practitioner Helmet Gen 2

Product Description

RBC Shivworks Practitioner Helmet.

Made and sold ONLY by Red Beard Combatives.  Please click on the link here to purchase the helmet from RBC.

NEW Gen 2 Cordura helmets with increase durability.

Made of 1000D Cordura exterior with leather interior. Padded fully covered top and newly designed full face glass with twice as much air flow and the previous version. This is the toughest helmet we have without sacrificing comfort, fit and usability. Helmets are modular in design and can be used for traditional martial arts striking or weapons based Force on Force training. Designed for use with non-lethal marking rifle and pistol catridges, airsoft and knife trainers, the helmets are fully adjustable for all head sizes. Our fully adjustable chin strap keeps the helmet in place and prevents shifting even during the roughest engagements. Newly designed cage, coated stainless steel mouth guard, clear polycarbonate eye shield and built-in removable ear guards makes this helmet a one of a kind and an absolute necessity for training.



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