Shivworks Practitioner Helmet


Product Description

Shivworks Practitioner Helmet.

The helmet has a full shield vented at the top, a full top piece, in the color black with a ShivWorks logo.

Made by Red Beard Combatives exclusively for Shivworks Products Group.

  • Helmets have been tested for use in close contact against Simunition, and Speer pistol
  • Helmets are designed to help protect the users head and face from significant injury. Helmets have
    not been design to protect neck or throat injury.
  •  Helmets have been designed to absorb and reduce impact from trauma received during force on
    force training. However, nothing in the design claims to prevent all injuries. Wearer and trainers
    are fully responsible for the reasonable application of force and acceptance of all responsibility
  • Helmets should be inspected before each use. Damaged components should be replaced prior
    to use.
  • Helmets cannot be returned once purchased
  • XXL helmets are only for those with an extremely large head.

All Shivworks Practitioner Helmets will ship via UPS Ground.  If you prefer other method please contact us.


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